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Thrive with Horses is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization that empowers at-risk youth and Veterans toward lifelong personal growth through exposure to horses and horseback riding. Thrive With Horses is dedicated to providing opportunities for riders to THRIVE by connecting with horses and developing a deep sense of inspiration, vision and excellence.








Thrive with Horses aims to mentor, motivate, educate and rehabilitate veterans and youth from all backgrounds and ages. We strive to create a clientele with a sincere belief in themselves through experiencing and caring for horses and ponies. Our horses provide a completely non-judgmental platform because they are incapable of judging their handlers’ background. They care only about present actions, which helps beginners learn how to alter their past programs to better interact with the horses. The inherent honesty and in-the-moment reactivity of the horses forces the handler to LEAD, thus promoting leadership qualities. It is the perfect environment for the youth and veterans we serve to rehabilitate, gain lifelong confidence, and develop leadership skills.

Our students learn about horses from the ground up. They start with basic horse care and ground safety before moving on to riding and other advanced skills. Our program uses the joy of working with horses to build confidence and develop the tools necessary for life’s toughest situations.

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